Epic Beer Trip Across the U.S.

In honor of my Dad's life I am flying to California for his funeral at the end of March and then driving to several breweries across America to raise a glass to him for being the best Dad he could be and for his service to our Country in the Vietnam War in the Big Red One. He was truly a hero and a bad ass. He would always say our logo was "bitchin" and I wish he could have been around when Bathtub Brewhouse finally opens one day. You can follow my journey on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook starting on March 28th.


Cheers to you Dad and to all the veterans who sacrificed so much for our freedom! Love you.

Robert Oliver Duncan – TEHACHAPI, CA – Robert passed away on Monday, December 10th, at Tehachapi Hospital of heart failure. Robert was born on June 16, 1947 in Los Angeles. In his 70 years Robert experienced what seemed like many lifetimes, from serving in the U.S. Army in Vietnam at 19, working as a camera grip on movie sets, being a paramedic in the roughest parts of Los Angeles, becoming a firefighter, counseling Vietnam veterans, as well as being a father, husband and friend to many. He loved fishing and loved to race. At one point he held the record for the world’s fastest mini-pickup truck, going over 200 miles per hour. He was most passionate about his service to our Country. He was honored with the Purple Heart while serving in Vietnam. He loved to share his stories about Vietnam and wrote many articles about it. He enjoyed his Big Red One Vietnam veteran reunions. He was predeceased by Mary, his wife, and his two brothers, Doug and Ted. He is survived by his brothers, Bruce and Steve, his sons, Robert (Kayla) and Jonathan (Gina), and his stepsons, Tom (Julie) and Jim (Tina). He also leaves behind 11 grandchildren. Robert never forgot a person he met or a place he had been. He was a storyteller, and he made an impression with each story he told.

Great time at the Classic City Brew Fest in Athens!

About Bathtub Brewhouse

Why the name Bathtub Brewhouse?  We love the Prohibition era.  Everything about it.  The speakeasies, the time period, the cars, the way people dressed, the music, bathtub gin, and especially the passion people had for their freedom to drink and to end Prohibition on December 5, 1933.  It was a time that America came together to stand for something greater.  It was every American’s God-given right to be able to drink beer.  Our Founding Fathers brewed their own beer, for crying out loud!  It’s ironic that on my birthday Prohibition ended and that Ray and I fermented our first batches of beer in a bathtub back in 2005.  But it is a sign to us that Bathtub Brewhouse must be born!

We have had great feedback for the last couple years about our beer at our beer tastings and we were finally in our first big beer festival in April at the Classic City Brew Fest in Athens. It was a proud moment for us. We had a lot of people say we had the best Porter in the festival and great feedback on our Blonde Ale and DIPA. We look forward to being there next year!

So what about opening our brewery? We are still working very hard to make it happen.

Help Bathtub Brewhouse Be Born!

Please help Bathtub Brewhouse be born!  How, you might ask? Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and tell people about us, especially if you have had our beer and enjoyed it! And the last thing you can do is please be patient. We are working diligently at getting the finances together to make it happen.

Contact Bathtub Brewhouse/BB Telegram

If you have stumbled upon this site for the first time and want to contact us about anything, please email us at: info@bathtubbrewhouse.com.  If you want to sign up for our BB Telegram, which will keep you up-to-date on any events we are doing and our progress, please email us at signup@bathtubbrewhouse.com.