Craft Beer Lovers,

Thanks for your patience while I design a new vision for the site. Hopefully by the end of January my first video blog will be up. I am waiting on my PicoBrew Z to arrive to start this new journey. Why am I waiting for a machine if I have been brewing for so long? The Z will allow me to precisely control the variables as well as brew two batches at once, making it very easy to do the experiments I want to attempt. My first video blog will highlight this machine in more detail. If you don't know what it is and are interested in an automated brewing system click HERE to check it out. So what are these video blogs going to be about, you might ask? Keep reading.

I will be posting video blogs for beer experiments to really find out, first hand, things I have always wanted to try and know since 2005, when I first started brewing. Somehow I never took the time to do these experiments after all these years.... but that all changes soon. I plan to have friends and guests help me out along the way as well. Should be a fun ride!

My desire for is for it to become a great resource for anyone who loves brewing their own beer, for those interested in learning about brewing beer and for those who just like drinking craft beer. I have been brewing for a while now and I think I have a fair knowledge of the art of crafting beer to share. My ultimate dream is to open my own micro brewery. But until that happens, I figure why not document some cool experiments that will hopefully help and entertain at the same time!